PSNJob-Alike.com is the place where peers from different districts or organizations meet regularly online, from phones and/or computers, to discuss common challenges and support each other. Groups also have their own private site to create meeting agendas and share relevant resources.

Why reinvent the wheel? Educational leaders hone their skills and improve outcomes when they have the chance to talk about their practice in a low stress environment with others who are facing similar challenges.  Job-Alike.org helps you build and tap into a trusted, active online network of peers to advise, share and support your efforts so you can become more effective and successful in your current role. Moreover, you don’t have to travel, commit lots of valuable work time or be limited to the professionals in your district.

While every school and every classroom has its own unique characteristics, and every school leader and teacher has his or her own style, the potential to share knowledge from district to district, school to school and classroom to classroom is compelling and provides a huge opportunity to boost achievement for every participant: educators and students alike.

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