About Us

Job Alike is the creation of David Harris a former business executive who started teaching 8th grade math in public school in 2003 and is now working to transform public education by helping leaders and teachers improve their practice and effectiveness.

The idea came about while participating in a School Leadership Licensure program. In looking around the room David realized that few participants were in a position to use their new knowledge and perspective immediately because they were doing other jobs (mostly teaching) that required other skills and focus. By the time they get to be school or district leaders much of the knowledge will be pushed to the back of their minds and the day to day realities of their new positions will quickly consume them. That is when they will need peers to share their challenges and to brainstorm possible solutions but few will have such supporters at hand.

Educators at every level often find it hard to share real concerns and challenges with others in our workplace and our friends outside education rarely understand the challenges we face every day. Having a Job Alike group made up of peers from other districts is ideal because we bring multiple perspectives to address common challenges and we can all use the solutions we come up with in our own jobs right away to become more proficient and effective and to improve outcomes for all.

We hope you experience the same value and satisfaction.