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There is no cost to register on  Once you register you have the option to request to join one or more existing Personalized Support Networks (PSN) or to start your own PSN and either invite peers or allow others with similar roles and/or interests to join.  The person who starts the PSN is initially the administrator, although the role can be passed on, and the administrator will have the opportunity to accept any new applicants they did not invite.  The administrator can also remove PSN members who are not contributing appropriately.

Each PSN has its own private site where you can conduct discussions and share information and each PSN has access to one or two live, online meetings per month for up to two hours each*.  These meetings are your opportunity to build community and provide each other with the support you need to thrive in your current role.  PSN members can join the meetings from their computers (and see each other on video), and/or you can call in from your phone or have the conference call you directly.  Once a PSN is established you can schedule your conference calls through the Job-Alike master schedule and all participants will be notified, and reminded, as to how and when to join the conference.

After three online meetings, participants in the PSN will have the option to pay a nominal annual fee ($29 through Paypal plus $10 for each additional PSN) or to agree to receive promotions relevant to your role and responsibility**.  Members who no longer wish to participate can leave the PSN potentially making room for additional people to join.  Paid members will also have access to the Job Alike forum where you can share best practices with the broader Job Alike community

* PSNs can purchase additional online meetings for $10 and can reserve multiple meetings back to back if more time is desired.

** Group rates for 25 or more educators in a district are available.  Contact Us to inquire.

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