To start or join a PSN on you must first Register.  Please read the Terms of Use agreement that applies to all registered members.

Once you are registered you can select a Job Alike Category under the PSNs tab and see the groups that are already established.  You can apply to join an available group which will need to be approved by the group administrator or you can start a new group and become the group administrator.  JOB-ALIKE.ORG STRONGLY SUGGESTS THAT PSNs BE "APPROVAL" OR "INVITE" ONLY AND THAT ALL ACTION SETTING BE SET TO "GROUP USERS".

Once you have started or joined a group you can select the "Invite" tab, click "Expand New Invite" below the tabs and invite peers to join your PSN by entering their email addresses.  Invitees will receive an email asking them to register at the site.

To schedule an online meeting review the master schedule on the "Meetings" page for available times then create an event for your iMeeting under the "Events" tab within your PSN.  Creating the event will trigger a request for conference time that will be confirmed by the administrator.  While you can test your ability to access the iMeet conference room by selecting the "Join your Meeting" button on the Meetings page, you will need a key to actually enter the conference room.

The key will be provided once your event is confirmed and it will only be active at the time of your meeting.