How do I join a PSN?

After registering as a member, "Login" and you will be taken to the "PSN Groups" area. Select the category that represents your job function and browse the existing groups.  You can see members, posts and events but must click "Join" on the right hand side to participate. An email will be sent to the group administrator who must approve new members. If you do not find an appropriate PSN click "New PSN Group on the left and start your own. We strongly suggest you set your PSN up as Type: Approval, PSN Access: USERS - registered, Invite Access: PSN Group Members, All integrations: Enabled, Public and PSN Group Members.

How do I invite others to join a PSN?

You must first create or join the PSN and the PSN administrator must approve your membership. You can then see and select the PSN when you select Joined PSN Groups on the left.  Choose the "Invites" tab and the "Expand New Invite" button below. You can then enter an email address or user name in the Invite box and an email will be sent with the link to join. Your invitee will have to register before having access to your PSN and should click the link in the email sent by Job-Alike.org after registering and logging in to automatically accept your invitation.

How do I schedule a meeting?

Go to your PSN and select the "Events" tab and the "Expand New Event" button below it. A title and description are required as is a date in MM/DD/YY format and a time INCLUDING hour, minutes and AM/PM. If you choose to "Notify" ten all PSN members will get an invitation and can respond with "Yes", "Maybe", or "No". If they are not logged in they should login then click their response in the email again so the response will register. Your event will show all responses. If the event is an online meeting the Job Alike administrator, who is a non participating member of all groups, will confirm the availability of the conference room and give the participants a room key that will only be active at the time of the meeting.